Uninstall vlc – A Trick to Quickly Uninstall vlc

It is crucial to ensure that any program that you uninstall from your computer is completely removed otherwise it can have serious negative consequences on the functioning of your PC. In this article, we will discuss how to uninstall vlc from your computer the correct way.

How To Uninstall vlc Manually

1. In the Start menu, go to Control Panel.
2. When the window opens, scroll down and search for Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs).


3. Open it. Now, search for vlc. When you found it, right click and select Uninstall (or Uninstall/Change).
4. Follow the steps to accomplish the process.
5. Click the “Start” menu, select “My Computer” or “Computer,” double-click the “C:” drive, double-click the “Program Files” folder and delete the “vlc” folder.
6. Restart your computer.

But the process does not always uninstall programs completely. If you need to permanently delete vlc, remove it from the registry entirely by following this guide.
1. From the Start Menu, select “Run.”

run regedit

2. In the “Run” dialog box, type the word “regedit” and click “OK.” This will open the Registry Editor program.


3. Click “Edit” and select “Find.”
4. In the “Find” box, keep the boxes labeled “Keys, Values, and Data” selected. However, make sure that the “Match whole string box” is unselected. Enter the name of “vlc,” and click “Find Next.”
5. Right-click the key found in the results, and click “Delete.” Only delete registry keys that you know are associated with the program to be removed. Press “F3″ on your keyboard to repeat the search, and remove the resulting keys as needed. You will have to restart your computer when finished.

download uninstall tool

This is how you can remove vlc from computer, but if you do not know well computer, it will take your long time and effort to do this job. The following method is recommended for computer novice who have difficulty in uninstalling vlc, or for who want to immediately uninstall other programs from computer.

A professional uninstaller program like Perfect Uninstaller can solve two basic problems. On the one hand, it can forcibly uninstall vlc; on the other hand, it guarantees complete uninstall without any leftovers.

Where Can I Find A Good Free Uninstaller?

Good quality uninstaller software is a must for keep your system maintained when dealing with removing programs from your OS. Despite this there are a number of programs on the internet which do not offer the same amount of protection as others. You should check what features come as standard with the software first such as a secure delete function and the option to backup any changes made. This is a safety net towards any changes you may wish to undo. So long as you follow these rules, you should find good quality software and keep your computer running smoothly.

Force uninstall vlc in minutes

HelpUninstaller can completely remove unwanted programs for you. It will clean out all the stuff normally left behind. That saves you precious hard drive space. Besides, it can also clean other areas of your computer; permanently delete specific files and folders, and clean out Web tracks from your browser.

The only thing you have to do is initiate HelpUninstaller, shut down any other programs, and restart your computer. The removing process takes some time, and there is no vlc displayed on a progress bar, but your computer system will eventually be cleaned.

Uninstall process:
Video Show: How to Install HelpUninstaller?

Free download HelpUninstaller.

download uninstall tool

Double click the .exe icon to install HelpUninstaller.
Run this uninstall tool and then highlight vlc on the main screen.


Click “uninstall” button and follow the uninstall wizard to completely remove vlc.
Video Show:How to Uninstall Program with HelpUninstaler

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