Uninstall cygwin – How to Uninstall cygwin Program Instantly?

Do you want to uninstall cygwin from your computer completely without any residual components? Actually, it might be not so hard for you to uninstall Norton Antivirus. If you still feel frustrated to remove cygwin you should read this article which is an available tutorial for you about how to uninstall cygwin instantly and completely.

How To Uninstall cygwin

There are currently two methods you can use to uninstall cygwin – which is to first use the in-built “manual” method, or to automatically get rid of the program. The two methods are pretty straightforward, but the issue is that the manual method will generally leave a large number of files behind from the software – which can lead to all sorts of complications.

Manual Uninstall of cygwin

The most commonly used method to uninstall cygwin is to use the “Add / Remove Programs” application to get rid of the program. The in-built Add / Remove Programs applet is a standard part of every Windows system, and is able to get rid of the programs you want. You can see how to get rid of cygwin here:


1.Click “Start”
2.Locate “Control Panel”
3.Inside Control Panel, click onto “Add / Remove Programs”
4.Locate the program you want to remove & click “Remove”

This will get rid of all the parts of the program, but will end up likely leaving a large number of files or settings behind. To ensure that you don’t have any issues, you should then restart your PC and then delete any of the further parts of the program that may be on there.

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Manual removal is a quite difficult for you? Never mind! Another option will be easier and effective for you. You can try uninstaller below.

There are advanced Uninstaller Programs which are completely free to download and will cleanly uninstall cygwin and its associated files. There are a multitude of benefits in using these Uninstaller Programs. Firstly, it works better and more efficiently than the standard removal tool that comes with Windows. They help the user clean up all the registry entries that are corrupted or empty and help to improve the performance of the PC.

A More Complete Removal Method (Recommended)

A more complete method to get rid of the application is to use a piece of software called an “uninstaller program”. These tools have been created by professional companies to scan through your system and get rid of any of the programs you want in the most complete way. We’ve found that the best way to do this is to use a piece of software called “HelpUninstaller”. This tool is able to scan through your computer and get rid of all the parts of the cygwin that will be placed onto your PC.


We recommend using “HelpUninstaller” to completely remove cygwin from your PC. This program is designed for beginners & intermediate users, and will be able to completely fix any of the problems that your system may have inside. You can use it by downloading it onto your computer and then letting it remove any of the parts of the program that will be placed onto your system.

download uninstall tool

Click here to learn more about how to uninstall cygwin completely from your computer.
Video Show:How to Uninstall Program with HelpUninstaler

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