How Can I Uninstall Messenger?

Are you having trouble when installing Messenger because of some corrupted files from the earlier version are still hang on your PC? Well, if you need to delete all these older references before a new fresh version, or you just want to completely uninstall Messenger so that you can try something else, you should read this article for good.

Uninstall Messenger with windows Add/Remove Programs utility

As we all know that once a program was installed on the computer, its name will be automatically added under the list of Add/Remove Programs. Hence, we can easily uninstall it from the computer. To accomplish, you can:
A) Click Start Menu.
B) Go to Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs.


C) Find and then highlight Messenger in the dropdown list, and then click Remove to begin the removal.

Tips to delete Messenger related keys:

1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK to start Registry Editor.


2. In Registry Editor, locate and then delete the following registry keys.
3. Quit Registry Editor.

his will get rid of all the parts of the program, but will end up likely leaving a large number of files or settings behind. To ensure that you don’t have any issues, you should then restart your PC and then delete any of the further parts of the program that may be on there.

download uninstall tool

Manual removal is a quite difficult for you? Never mind! Another option will be easier and effective for you. You can try uninstaller below.

It is suggested you uninstall or remove unwanted toolbars by professional commercial uninstall software. With excellent uninstaller software, you can uninstall/remove Messenger and all unwanted programs safely, easily, quickly and completely, especially if you are not a professional computer engineer.

HelpUninstaller is a professional uninstall utility that has special arithmetic to fully remove computer software quickly and safely. Simply choose one of the uninstall options for removing the program you don’t need in this program, and it would automatically and thoroughly delete the program as well as its components from your computer within minutes.

Remove Messenger While Using An Uninstaller Software

A good third party uninstaller usually enables you to easily and safely uninstall applications and program without leaving a trace. HelpUninstaller is the ultimate uninstaller for Windows, allowing you to uninstall programs quickly and completely using its simple and intuitive interface. If you are looking to optimize your computer by removing Messenger, HelpUninstaller is a powerful tool to accomplish these tasks.

This ensures a complete full Messenger uninstall process within clicks below:
Video Show: How to Install HelpUninstaller?

1. Click here to free download HelpUninstaller to your computer.

download uninstall tool

2. Run the HelpUninstaller.
3. Locate the folder where you install Messenger.


4. Click “Force Uninstall”
5. When prompted, click “Yes” to restart your computer.
Video Show:How to Uninstall Program with HelpUninstaler

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